CD Wandering between the Worlds


CD Wandering between the Worlds
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CD Wandering between the Worlds

Nadia Birkenstock, Keltische Harfe, Gesang
Sarath Ohlms – Perkussion
Bernd Roth – Akkordeon, Bandoneon
Claus von Weiß – Gitarre

1.  Morrison’s Jig/Merrily kiss the Quaker’s Wife
2.  The Lothian Hairst
3.  The Lover’s Ghost
4.  The Coulin
5.  Sir John Henderson/Linnen Hall/Kid on the Mountain
6.  Dabbling in the Dew
7.  Jenny Nettles
8.  Harp Song of the Dane Women
9.  Turpin Hero/Johnnie Cope
10.  Carolan’s Farewell to Music
11.  The Road to the Isles
12.  Aignish on the Machair
13.  Mary from Dungloe
14.  Green grow the Rashes O
15.  All through the Night