Nadia Birkenstock


"A truly exceptional artist."
Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine (Germany)

"The clarity of her voice, her extraordinary "touche" and the grace, that characterize her, captivate her audience."

Dernières Nouvelle d'Alsace (France)

"This musician is more than an accomplished master of the celtic harp, she is also an expert in uplifting your spirits in a musical way. In short: Very relaxed, very atmospheric, very recommendable."
C.Ruf, Dresdener Zeitung (Germany)

"Nadia Birkenstock's harp playing and voice are refreshing and uplifting. She tells wonderful stories, leading the listener towards stunning sceneries."
M.Czékus, Ekultura (Hungaria)

"Masterly and sensitive, powerful and quiet – a virtuoso. The artist had managed in a wonderful way to intoxicate her audience."
NWZ (Germany)

“Actually, there should be a law against this: that someone has such a wonderful, pure voice, is able to play the harp like that and on top of it, manages to do both at the same time! And the whole thing in such a relaxed and natural fashion, that you just dream on, delighted, from one song or tune into the next...”
Article about the Festival “Venner FolkFrühling”
Ulrich Joosten, Folker!-magazine (Germany)

“Enthusiastic fans as well as objective connoisseurs of the scene attest her an Irish soul that becomes apparent in her fairy-like delicate singing and the masterly skills on an instrument that is not exactly easy to handle. Her sensitive attitude opens the hearts of her audience and creates a very special atmosphere.”
Westdeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

“The filigree sound of the harp and Birkenstock's clear, tender voice merged into an atmospheric unity. One felt as if sitting in a Scottish country house in front of a crackling fire, listening to the playing of an itinerant musician while outside the wind is wafting over the plain.”
Rheinische Post (Germany)